A different world

I miss the days when most of my thoughts were about Photography. I miss the world I knew then. Life was so simple.  I dreamed of being a mother and I had absolutely no idea how it would change things. I didn't realise that having a child would stop me from taking pictures the way I used to. 

Then I had my son. The most beautiful boy in the world. He has Autism. A blue eyed boy entered my life and changed my world. He sees things differently so now I do too. 

Here is a letter I wrote to him a few months ago:

Dear 3 year old William,

Being your mother is harder than I ever expected. But I have to remind myself that this is also happening to you. We are in this together. You're different, that means I'm different too. 
I'm tired when other mothers aren't tired. I'm sad when other mothers aren't sad. 
That doesn't mean I love you any less.
Where there is greater pain there is greater love.
With greater fear comes stronger joy.
You are the most alive I've ever felt.
The boy I dreamed of my whole life. Here you are. 
And you are wonderful.
You may not be like all the others but you are mine and more like me than anyone has ever been.
Making you has made me proud.
The love I have for you could move mountains.
It's all ok.
I will be ok and so will you. 
I was born to love you, my perfect son.

Love, Mummy x

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