Oh boy wild

Until last year I was living a half life. I felt empty. Because I was waiting for what I felt I'd always been meant to be. A mother. It took me longer than most to achieve my dream but now I have and my life feels full of love and light. I am exactly where I'm meant to be. My life has changed beyond recognition all thanks to a little boy whose name is William. He has reminded me in his ten months til now, of how it feels to look at life with fresh eyes and spirit. He reminds me every day of the pure joy of childhood I'd since forgotten. A blur of sandy coloured hair, bright blue eyes and dungarees, my constant companion. He is brave and adventurous, an absolute boy. He is how boys should be; full of energy and loud: he roars.

He is all of my dreams in one place. He is mine and I am complete.

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