raspberry jelly

 Summer is beginning to fade into Autumn now. I can feel it very slightly when I step outside my front door in the morning. I am really really looking forward to the change in season because Autumn is my favourite.
I absolutely love being able to wrap up warm in coats, scarves and jumpers and sitting in cosy coffee shops. I always feel really homely in Autumn and Winter. Hopefully that will encourage me to share more of my home on the blog...

Enough of that for now, the days are still warm and summer is still here! On that note I thought I'd share some pictures of some summery jelly I made! It reminds me of children's birthday parties and when it's set in little retro cases like these it looks so cute! I just used an easy mix (no recipe, sorry!) but I added raspberries  because I love them.It's such a refreshing light desert for summer evenings.

I hope you have a lovely day and I'll be back soon! <3

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